First Analysis of Up-to-Date Russian Weapons Combat Effectiveness

01.02.2017 // 19:43ТегиНовости
Cover of the book "Russian weapons in Syrian conflict"

The STATUS Company has published an English variant of the book titled 'Russian Weapons in Syrian Conflict'. The book’s editor, Prof. Valery Polovinkin, PhD, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, told the TASS news agency that it has been the first analysis of the employment of Russian arms in Syria. The book offers information about the latest and upgraded Russian-made materiel proven in combat in the Syrian theater of operations since September 30, 2015.

"The book is the first comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of up-to-date Russian-made weapons in a real war under the harsh climatic conditions and the first analysis of possible changes to the global arms market, caused by the performance of Russian armament in Syria," the scientist said.

According to him, the latest Russian materiel the military is transitioning to should be fit for use in various climes around the world.

"We realize full well that combat-proven weapons enjoy a higher demand on the international arms market than the ones lacking a combat record do. Everybody wants reliable hardware tested in battle, because they usually pay a lot of money for it," Polovinkin stressed.

"Previously, Russian arms usually lagged behind US ones in this respect. As is known, the United States fights on all continents and its weapons are always tested in battle. Now, Russia has the same opportunity owing to the friendly policies of Syria’s leadership," the scientist noted.

"We have tested all of our advanced weapons and demonstrated their capabilities to the whole of the world. This is especially important because many of the current and potential customers for our military gear are situated the same climatic zone or in the ones similar enough," he emphasized.

The book comprising six chapters provides detailed analysis of the Syrian operation of the Russian Aerospace Force, Navy and Army. Of special interest is the chapter covering Western military experts’ analysis of Russian weapons. The global arms market situation preceding Russia’s joining the Syrian conflict has been analyzed and a market assessment has been made based on the combat record of Russian arms in Syria.

All information in the book is complemented with tables, graphs, charts, and color photographs courtesy of the Russian Defense Ministry and the TASS news agency.

On January 26, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin assigned the members of Russia`s military-industrial system the task to analyze the experience of weapons usage in combat environment. "The clear understanding of potential conflicts and the general development of Russia`s Armed Forces, as well as the world`s ones should be taken into account during the work to strengthen the general purpose forces," he said at a meeting of the Military-Industrial Committee. "The usage of weapons and military materiel by Russia, as well as by foreign countries, in various environments, including the combat one, should be carefully studied," the President said, formulating the task.

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